Brand History

The founder of Luludress, who was a student majoring in world history, finished college in 2005. The inequality women suffered in history, no matter any country, propelled him to seek equal rights for women. He believed that inequality could never disappear, although the circumstances were better than before. After one year of working in his uncle’s women’s clothing store, he decided to build his brand to sell women's clothes. Therefore, Luludress retail store was created in 2006.

Our Mission

Originally, the brand core of Luludress was to empower women around the world, no matter their ages, to have an equal right to access fashion and to live in society. Our founder always expresses that a fashionable and comfortable outfit can strengthen women’s confidence, both physically and mentally. By doing so, women can speak loudly and confidently while facing inequality. Also, he stressed that Luludress would like to welcome women who may have different dressing styles or different ages. Not surprisingly, Luludress was so popular in the local area. 

Industry Reform

In 2009, there were a series of devastating bushfires which is known as the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, Australia. Our founder was extremely shocked while watching this news, and he closed his retail store for a long time showing respect for the people who died from this natural disaster. After the Luludress retail store was reopened, he made several adjustments for the future development of Luludress. He demonstrated that all the clothes from Luludress in the future must be made with durable but also sustainable fabrics. The purpose of this new strategy is to reduce the frequency of abandoned clothes, which could protect our nature friendly and efficiently. Also, the founder promised all Luludress family members that the primary core of creating Luludress would never and ever change.


In the following 10 years, Luludress continually focused on how to supply both gorgeous and comfortable clothes by using sustainable materials to empower its family members. Wearing cozy and high standard of clothes can make us confident. Thus, we can be energetic all day to work or hang out with friends. Also, since we gradually use sustainable fabrics to make clothes environment-friendly and durable, Luludress family members could save more on clothes spending. All these kinds of benefits are what Luludress hopes to see in our community because our founder would never forget his initial purpose for having Luludress. He hoped that the core of Luludress could influence more people to respect the status of women and to care about the environment. Hence, he established Luludress online store recently to use sustainable and fashionable women's clothes to reach the new core of Luludress.